Monday, November 22, 2010

Straight Out Of Hollywood: Principal Makes House Call

A short break from the recent TSA-related hijinks, but an assault on privacy nonetheless:
In a famous scene from the comedy “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” a principal makes an unannounced house call to check up on a student who didn’t show up to school.
When it happened in real life for a family in Orange County, though, it was no laughing matter, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.
The principal is a well-liked former lieutenant colonel in the Army with a no-nonsense demeanor.
The two students, ages 12 and 16, live at the home with their mother.
A criminal complaint alleges Chester Academy Principal Ernest Jackson entered the home without permission when the two boys didn’t come to school in late September, and actually tried to coax them out of their beds.
Whether the kids were truant or not, you cannot simply walk into someone's house without permission.  Well-meaning or not, this man is a representative of the state and his actions represent a breach of privacy.  According to the police, they're looking at a simple trespass charge.

See the rest of the story at CBS New York here.

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