Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does the secure flight program mean more money for airlines?

From 77 Square:
Jesse Demastrie and his wife flew from Washington to Las Vegas without incident the day after Christmas. TSA agents waved them through the screening area, and United Airlines allowed the couple to board the aircraft.
But Demastrie had been worried that they might be turned away from their flight. When his father booked their tickets through Travelocity as a gift, he typed his daughter-in-law's name as Dianne Elizabeth Demastrie instead of her legal name, Dianne Tharp Demastrie.
'I called both Travelocity and United to see if we could get the ticket changed,' said Demastrie, a media buyer from Washington. 'But the best they said they could do was to make a note on the account of the name change.'

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