Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our view: How much would you give up to quicken airport security lines?

From the Tucson Citizen:
Now that the outrage over airport pat-downs and full body scans has died down and the government is trying to tweak the scans to provide more modest images, travelers are still left with everything they never liked about screening.

Taking off coats and shoes, pulling out laptops, packing only 3.4-ounce bottles of liquid for carry-on and waiting in line to be swabbed, scrutinized and undressed by an X-ray remains as distasteful as it has been since strict screening was ushered in after 9/11.

So airline and travel associations, as well as the Transportation Security Administration, are on a never-ending quest to make the experience less unpleasant, but just as secure. TSA chief John Pistole has talked about moving his agency toward a “more identity-based” system, where the level of screening might vary by passenger depending upon the risk each poses. We wish him well.

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