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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Politician Offers 'How-To' for Ransacking Your Kids' Rooms

From ParentDish:
Not to be paranoid or anything, but your little girl could be hiding a small-caliber weapon in her jewelry box.

And that baby doll she loves so much? There's a reason she's always hugging it. It's where she keeps her drugs. You might want to rip the doll's head off. Just to be safe.

New York State Sen. Eric Adams says this is just good parenting.

Adams spent 22 years on the New York Police Department before representing Brooklyn in the State Senate. He has a five-minute video on YouTube about how to spy on your kids. Don't worry about their rights, he tells the New York Daily News. They don't have any.

'There is no Fourth Amendment or First Amendment or any amendment right inside your household,' Adams tells the paper. 'Parents write the constitution for what rights are in their homes, and one right they must understand is the right to protect all members of their household.'

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