Sunday, March 20, 2011

TSA Scanners Could Cause Travelers A Cancer Risk

From Health Aim:
These days, passengers are having to put up with many sorts of hassles from extra baggage fees to the new TSA full body scanners that have recently become a part of the security process at many airports all over the U.S. The new issue that has come up is that recent tests by experts at the Center for Radiological Research at the Columbia University Medical Center have shown that these scanners may have a possible cancer risk due to the fact they give out a form of ionized radiation.

The full body scanners give out what is called a backscatter of X-rays, which is made to show items that are possibly hidden inside clothing, like weapons or other problem devices. When it does this job quite well, the person being scanned is still exposed to a minute amount of radiation when they use it.

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