Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texas House Passes TSA Anti-’Groping’ Bill

From the TIME NewsFeed:
In another bout of tough press for TSA, the Texas House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill on Friday that prohibits 'intrusive touching' when people are seeking access to public buildings and forms of transportation.

The bill, sponsored by Republican House member David Simpson, comes after some very viral stories about airport security checkpoints. First there was the pat down of a six-year-old that spread across the Web, causing outrage among Washington lawmakers. A few weeks later there was a former Miss USA, Susie Castillo, who opted out of the screening at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport and posted a video about how 'violated' she felt during her pat down, saying, through tears, that the woman touched her vagina four times. Simpson told MSNBC that his bill was meant to outlaw all 'indecent groping searches,' which is precisely the practice many people feel these stories represent, and the bill went on to the Senate yesterday.

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