Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ont. cops get new high-tech plate scanners

We normally focus on the United States, but here's a bit from our friendly neighbors to the north. From the Toronto Sun:
Drivers beware, the Ontario Provincial Police have extra eyes on the road.

And not everyone's happy about what they see as a potential invasion of your privacy.

As part of a pilot project, four OPP cruisers and one SUV are outfitted with a new sophisticated camera system, similar to one used on toll highways, that can scan as many as 7,000 licence plates an hour.

The vehicles equipped with the Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology are based in London, Ont., Cornwall, Ont., and the Greater Toronto Area.

With two cameras mounted on 45-degree angles on the front of the roof and one on the back, ALPR-equipped vehicles are able to scan plates behind and in the lanes to the left and right.

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