Thursday, June 30, 2011

PlaneRed: A new (cheap) solution to TSA harassment and unfriendly skies

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From invasive pat-downs of nonagenarians to radiation-spewing scanners, the examples of TSA ineptitude are abundant enough to fill a book. Add in absurdities such as the recent decision of Delta Airlines to partner with Saudia Arabia Air, which requires that the American carrier enforce Sharia law against Jewish passengers, and it begins to seem that air travel just isn’t worth the trouble anymore.

Or so was the case until an enterprising man by the name of Wade Eyerly came up with a plan to build a better mousetrap. His fledgling company, PlaneRed, is the first all-you-can-fly air carrier (actually air service is more like it). Subscribers pay $150 a month for unlimited access to bookings on popular routes.

When the service officially goes airborne, PlaneRed, will serve Atlantic City, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, but plans are already afoot to extend their routes to destinations as far as California and Texas.

If you’ve bought an airline ticket to almost anywhere in recent memory, you instantly recognize that PlaneRed’s monthly retainer is less than it costs to fly your baggage (Delta and Continental, for example, now charge an extra $175 and $200 respectively for “oversized” bags).

Perhaps best of all, PlaneRed sticks it to the TSA (a pox on them!) by stocking its fleet with planes that seat 9 passengers. TSA only screens planes that carry 10 passengers or more.

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