Sunday, July 24, 2011

Man say he's mishandled by airport screener again

From the StamfordAdvocate:
A Michigan man with bladder cancer who suffered a rough airport pat-down that caused his urostomy bag to spill its contents on his clothing last fall said he was mishandled by a screener at the same airport earlier this month.

A security agent's aggressive pat-down in November caused the lid of Thomas Sawyer's bag to loosen, spilling urine on his shirt and pants. Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole called Sawyer to apologize and pledge an investigation into how screeners handle passengers with sensitive medical conditions.

'I thought that I had really made a difference for people flying with urostomies, I really did,' Sawyer told the Detroit Free Press on Friday. 'I'm angry this time. They can't be training them properly.'

Sawyer said he went through security July 14 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for a flight to Orlando, Fla., when a screener disregarded his warning that he had a urostomy bag beneath his untucked shirt.

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