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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Someone’s watching you

From the Deccan Chronicle:
You’re being watched. At a shopping mall, a restaurant, in the office and everywhere in between. You are possibly under surveillance and are being tracked from every angle possible.

The emergence of CCTVs, handycams and cameras has given rise to a new concern — invasion of privacy. Surveillance in everyday life is giving the creeps to people as they feel that they are being reduced to objects of suspicion.

The recent hullabaloo over a surveillance camera, which was tucked away in an X-ray room in Ernakulam Medical Centre, is just one of the recent instances that has stirred the ‘being monitored’ debate. The baby monitors found these days in every nook and corner have indeed become man’s best friend in cracking down on crime.

But are they turning into irritating prying eyes? “Cameras may be a good way to combat anti-social behaviour but they have the potential advantage of becoming nosey,” says Mathew James, a businessman, who isn’t too happy with monitoring devices.

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